Friday, January 30, 2009

mail order just in time for valentines day!!!

so i'm sure you know that valentines day is coming up. it is and we are officially offering mail order!!! before i go any further there are two things i want to say about the matter...
1. valentines day is so much better when it is shared with friends, family and loved ones. toss out the super weird pressures of partner performance pressure. your friends and neighbors and library workers and radio hosts and family want to know that you care about them. share the love. it makes it so much more fun.
2. if you want to share the love with these folks we will be offering some super special valentines day treats just for the holiday! more to come about this in the coming days.
but back to the mail order. this pie travelled all the way to norfolk virginia! thanks robert! it was accompanied by an assortment of cookies and even some apple cider sweet rolls! miriam ordered scones and sticky buns! happy to do it! margaret has ordered a wheat-free banana chocolate marble loaf cake, scones and sticky buns! done, done, and done! if you want us to ship some of our lovingly prepared vegan baked goods just contact me at or call at 503.288.8839! i would be so happy to help you pick out just the right treats! thanks and i look forward to hearing from you. XOXO!


pears on their way into the oven to roast...

oven roasted pear & cranberry pie!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hard at work

have you met lauren?

you should probably be introduced. she does a lot of baking for you. and maybe you don't know that because our radio reception is limited she listens to unhealthy amounts of opb. seriously. ask her anything. get to know your baker! thanks lauren for all the hard work!!!


ps next time...marly!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a photo tour from 2008

so friends, i thought i would keep you updated with some photos...

remember the days when jesse's sister joann visited from the faraway land of edmonton canada and we took a walk in forest park...

and then arctic blast 2008 hit...
dang, remember that?
our trusty delivery truck slid around so bad we had to cancel the whole entire weeks deliveries...
a few tears were shed and then we moved on the business at hand, enjoying some major snow days!!!

so we grilled..

and crafted...

and then invited family over because we needed some outside human contact. baby wren can make even sauteeing onions into the best time ever! i think it's all that cheek on her face, or maybe the wooden spoon that was in her mouth for what seemed like a lifetime in baby years.

still chewing, now with mom...

and still more, now with grandma...
baby years might even be longer than dog years. it's possible...

and now we are back to good old regular portland winter! i hope you all had amazing holidays of all types and are gearing up to enjoy 2009 BEST YEAR EVER!!! we certainly are!
HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us, and thanks for all your support, we send you awesome vibes of gratitude every single day!!!
morgan & all of dovetail bakery