Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dovetail bakery featured in Portland Monthly Magazine's EAT BEAT

     Hi everyone!!!! Hope Thanksgiving treated you all well. We made SO MANY PIES and had SO MUCH FUN doing it! I just wanted to share this most recent press from Portland Monthly Magazine's EAT BEAT. They have been so supportive of Dovetail Bakery (and we love them)! All of us at the bakery have been working so hard and it feels like it's really paying off!!! Thanks to everyone who has supported the bakery during our first year of retail! What an amazing & wild ride!! Lots of love to you all!!! See you at the bakery!!! 
-Morgan & The Dovetail Bakery Crew

Eat Here Now

Alberta Arts’ Vegan Viand 

Dovetail Bakery produces vegan pastries that even carnivores will covet. 

Posted by: Anna Sachse on Nov 26, 2010 at 09:00AM


Four scrumptious animal-free pastries from Dovetail Bakery (left to right): Carrot Millet Muffin with Apricot Jam; Winter Pear Darling; Blueberry Muffin; and Aunt Miriam’s Sticky Bun.

     On a recent rainy morning, I popped into Dovetail Bakery, a small, cozy Alberta Arts space where Morgan Grundstin-Helvey and her lovely staff make all the vegan magic happen. I was greeted by the divine scent of caramelizing onions, as well as a quiet gaggle of ladies elbow-deep in flour and listening to cool indie tunes. A few pairs of customers were chatting over cups of strong Courier coffee or pots of tea and plates of crumbs. Piled up on trays in a glass case next to the register sat an assortment of mostly over-sized vegan cookies, muffins, scones, and cinnamon rolls, all decidedly not healthy-looking in the best possible way. (Which is not to say that they are necessarily unhealthy, of course; it’s just that all too often animal product-free baked goods can look like lumps of coal or piles of sawdust held together with tree sap.)
     Sadly, even with a pregnant pastry-tasting partner, I had to limit myself to indulging in only four treats. 
     The Carrot Millet Muffin with Apricot Jam ($2.75) is both delicious and intriguing. Perfectly moist with tons of shredded carrot and plentiful pie-spices, it doesn’t stray into too-sweet territory, and the millet makes for a surprisingly pleasing crispy crunch throughout. The Winter Pear Darling ($2.50) is delectable as well. Essentially a scone, the Darling has an almost chalky dryness that quickly gives way to the moistness that is consistent in all of Dovetail’s pastries. With slices of juicy pear tucked inside, this scone also avoids overdoing it with the sugar, and, instead, allows you to actually taste the high quality flour and a subtle ginger and spice flavor on the back end. (FYI, they also offer a wheat free scone.)
     As for Ms. Grundstin-Helvey’s renderings of classic baked goods, the Blueberry Muffin ($2.75) was fantastic—probably my favorite of the day. Unbelievably soft, it’s hard to place whatever the secret dairy-and-egg-substitute ingredient is; perhaps it’s applesauce or mashed banana, but it tastes exactly like buttermilk. Filled with plump berries and sporting a wonderful crusty top, I would never guess it was vegan. Another highlight: Aunt Miriam’s Sticky Bun ($3.50). The bread is soft with a chewy density, far superior to most “normal” sticky buns and cinnamon rolls I have eaten. I have to admit—sticky buns are one of my favorite things on earth and I do actually miss the butter in the goo, but the toasted pecans and vibrant flavor of toasted sugar and cinnamon are plenty pleasing.
These were tasty tidbits on the day I ventured in, but the offerings are always subject to both season and whimsy. Check out Dovetail’s website for a cheat-sheet on what might be available today, as well as other locations around town where you can gobble up the goods.

Friday, November 26, 2010


For the past six years, Joel Domreis has lived like a character in a Portland comic book: in the shadows, biking by dawn to deliver batches of beans to select coffeeshops and individual addicts. Now he walks (well, rides) among us with his new shop, Courier Coffee, an intimate den of coffee cool in the former home of Half and Half, just around the corner from Powell’s Books downtown. In this spare storefront, friendly baristas hold court behind a slim walnut bar, just a handshake away from customers, carefully turning out Courier’s smooth roasts in pour-over coffee and lovely lattes. Courier roasts some of the best beans in a competitive city—and they’re never more than three days old.
Courier’s baker, Leala Humbert, crafts a collection of savory galettes, dainty muffiny things, and wonderfully weird granola bars that bring to mind haute birdseed, full of chewy, crunchy, dried-fruit goodness. You’ll feel like your molars have hit the treadmill, in a good way.
A turntable on the counter taps the house mood, Monk to Mötley Crüe, and everything has a found-art quality: books snagged from boxes on the street sit neatly on tiny tables, while the walls display hand-captioned photos from the likes of filmmaker Gus Van Sant and one-time Andy Warhol confidante Paige Powell—both instant Courier converts who quietly slipped rare glimpses from their collections into the space.
Domreis still delivers beans to select customers by bike, though beans can be bought at the store for $15 a pound. But his dream for Courier reaches beyond coffee: a big shelf to hold his coffee-roasting tomes, cookbooks, and vinyl collection, to inspire conversation with customers. Come, and sip it all in.

Published: December 2010
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Thursday, November 25, 2010




Thursday, November 18, 2010


    Long Shadows Mean Cozy Food

     So the days are shorter, cloudier, rainier, cozier, and we are finally ready to introduce our new Autumn/Winter 2010 Wholesale Offerings. Which means you can count on seeing a couple old favorites and some totally new (pretty stellar) vegan baked goods in your local markets & cafes in the next week or so! And if you know of a market, cafe or restaurant that you think should carry Dovetail Bakery goods, please let us know! We always appreciate suggestions & feedback!

     For these new items, as well as all everything we make, we select our ingredients carefully making sure to prioritize locally & sustainably grown sources as often as possible. We always use a light hand with our sweeteners so you can count on really tasting the ingredients! When you bake with amazing ingredients you don't need to cover it up with extra sugar. With that said, I'd like you to meet...
Chocolate Cherry Bun: Tender extra dark cocoa yeasted dough wrapped around semisweet chocolate and locally grown plump dried cherries, topped with a dark cocoa glaze. Totally amazing.
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin: Full of organic lemon zest and crunchy poppyseeds. A little taste of sunshine to brighten your winter mornings!
Pumpkin Muffin with Gingery Pepita Streusel: One of our most popular muffins is back and even better! Made with organic pumpkin and topped with crisp pumpkin seedy gingery streusel, a total winner!
Brown Sugar Hazelnut Scone: Our famous tender flaky scone, layered with organic cinnamon, homemade organic brown sugar (yes, we make our own brown sugar!), and toasted Albina City Hazelnuts.
Apple Rosemary Scone: Celebrity scone! One of my all time favorites scones, another Dovetail Bakery Original (featured as the inspiration for a recipe in Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz), sweet chunks of locally grown organic apples and a hint of aromatic rosemary make for a uniquely delicious flavor combination!
Dark Chocolate Mocha Loaf Cake: Rich and bittersweet loaf cake full of extra dark cocoa & locally roasted Courier Coffee, topped with a dark chocolate glaze for an extra hint of rich chocolate sweetness.
Rosemary Garlic Corn Muffin: The corniest corn muffin. Crisp on the outside & moist on the inside, full of organic cornmeal, fresh rosemary & garlic. Perfect with a cup of soup or a salad, or on its own as an afternoon snack.

Come sample some of these upcoming pastries and 
Dovetail Bakery Holiday Pies at:
Whole Foods Hollywood this Saturday from 2pm-5pm
Whole Foods NE Fremont this Sunday from 3pm-6pm

Sunday, November 14, 2010


TODAY 12pm-2pm!!! 

Find me today, I will be handing out bites of muffins, cookies surprises... 

See you there!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


AWESOME (and spicy)!!!

      Dovetail Bakery Holiday Pies (and Cinnamon Buns) get some more attention!!! Under the Table With Jen introduces us with one of my FAVORITE descriptions of our Cinnamon Buns EVER! "Dovetail Bakery, purveyor of some of Portland’s prettiest pastries (seriously, their cinnamon bun is the pastry equivalent of Giselle), would like to make you a pretty vegan holiday pie or tart too." HA! It's true, we do want to make you a pretty vegan holiday pie!!!! You are welcome to place your order now and get it out of the way before the holidays, or you can just order one for tonight's dinner! 


Thursday, November 4, 2010


     Pie season is upon us and if you haven't already stopped by the bakery for a WARM slice of Pear & Vanilla Bean Pie, maybe this will inspire you...
 Thinking about PIE! Such a great way to start the day!

     I promised a banner pie season this year & we are already off to a great start! Check out this awesome write up in Portland Monthly Magazine's newest online journal EAT BEAT! One of my favorite quotes is when Karen Brooks is describing our Chocolate Hazelnut Tart with Salted Hazelnut Brittle, she calls it "a taste of vegan swank." AMAZING!!! We are already baking pies so call us & place your order anytime. These pies make the perfect dessert at a potluck or birthday party, will totally impress your friends while watch the sunset at the bluffs, and will keep you cozy while you read in bed and listen to the rain outside! Holiday/Everyday Pie Menus are ready & waiting for you at the bakery, but if you want to see them RIGHT NOW I can help you!

All pies are vegan, handmade, and served in a recyclable tin.

Pear & Vanilla Bean Pie with Pecan Streusel $25
organic bartlett pears sliced thin & flecked with real vanilla bean, piled high in a rich flaky handmade crust, then topped with crispy toasty pecan streusel. soft & fragrant, crispy & nutty, this pie is perfect at any occasion.

Rich Chocolate Hazelnut Tart $25
in a tender flaky handmade crust, rich chocolate ganache covers toasted hazelnuts. topped with homemade salted hazelnut brittle, this tart is a show stopper.

Pumpkin Pie $20
organic pumpkin, fresh ginger, and coconut milk make this take on the classic even better than the original. tender, not too sweet, perfectly spiced pumpkin filling inside a rich flaky handmade crust is great at any holiday table (or along side a cup of courier coffee for breakfast)!

Hours: Tues-Sun 7am-4pm
3039 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211
At NE 31st & Alberta St.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today's Soup & Pie!

Today's soup is ROASTED POTATO LEEK. 

     I am one of those people who find myself roasting virtually everything I can get my hands on as soon as the weather changes. It has (changed) and we are (roasting)! Roasting vegetables brings out hidden flavors and seems to add extra warmth to the dishes we are preparing. I think we need all the warming help we can get during the gray blustery days of fall & winter.
Come by for soup & pie.

This afternoon we will be serving a warm PEAR & VANILLA BEAN PIE WITH PECAN STREUSEL. It will make your day better. See you soon!