Wednesday, December 30, 2009


hello to you all! the bakery is coming along nicely. it is so cozy inside, it already feels like home!

i want to introduce you to my friend jehnee rains, proud owner of SUZETTE on alberta st. it so cute inside and the food is amazing! she makes both conventional & vegan crepes and i love the vegan crepes so much! in addition to their regular menu, suzette is hosting a NEW YEAR'S EVE PRIX FIXE DINNER!!! totally delectable and only $15! jehnee you are amazing! i am so excited to be your business neighbor!!!

HAPPY 2010!
New Year’s Eve at Suzette
In addition to our regular menu, we're featuring a New Year's prix fixe menu!
stuffed mushrooms
crostini with prosciutto and quince
garden salad with roasted beets and balsamic vinaigrette
crab, meyer lemon, fennel and crème fraîche crêpe
butternut squash, sautéed kale and goat cheese crêpe

chocolate and jasmine soufflé cake with honey ice cream and candied pistachios
All for $15!

RSVP suggested—

We begin the celebrations with lively music and silent movies at 6:00.
First up is The Cook and Other Treasures (1917), with Fatty Arbuckle and
Buster Keaton.  
At 7:15 is Siren of the Tropics (1927), with Josephine Baker.

2921 N.E. Alberta St.

Friday, December 18, 2009


there is so much going on at the bakery these days that i am going to keep this short and sweet! long wordy photo-full entry coming soon. but for today:


come see me and lauren! i can answer all your burning questions about the bakery while you eat some free treats! 


BENEFIT TONIGHT @ HELD (our business neighbor). 31st & alberta 6pm. MORE TREATS!!!!

hope to see you at one or both of those events!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

still loving food lover's guide to portland!

for those of you who don't read liz crain's blog food lover's guide to portland, i recommend you start. there are lots of reasons that i love it, but i think it has my favorite balance of food and food related musings that extend into and beyond the kitchen. i am a lover of cooking and baking, gardening, traditional food ways, food adventures, local producers and eating well. she keeps me thinking about all of those things and more! 

she has written about the bakery before, but here is her latest installment featuring dovetail bakery! thanks liz! see you there!

ps remember when i had bangs!

Dovetail Bakery about to spread its wings: New retail location!

December 5th, 2009
I've got the scoop! The Dovetail Bakery scoop! Dovetail Bakery owner Morgan Grundstein-Helvey has some fabulous news.

I've got the scoop! The Dovetail Bakery scoop! Dovetail Bakery owner Morgan Grundstein-Helvey has some fabulous news.

I’m in the final edits stage of my book at the moment and in an effort to stay on the sunny side about the seemingly endless tedium it’s been great in the past few weeks to add some exciting new ventures to the pages of Food Lover’s Guide to Portland.

One that I’m very excited about is Dovetail Bakery’s soon to open retail location onNortheast Alberta Street. For years Dovetail has vended at farmers market and delivered wholesale only, with no retail location.

These lovely vegan baker ladies have been working around the clock the past few months to make the retail bakery happen and if all goes well Dovetail Bakery plans to ring in the new year and open shop on January 1st, 2010. The new Dovetail Bakery location has indoor and outdoor seating and plenty of bike parking in front.

Grand opening Jan. 1st, 2010!
Dovetail Bakery
3039 NE Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon
Hours: Tue.-Sun. 8am-8pm

Same great vegan sweet and savory pastries at new retail location.

Same great vegan sweet and savory pastries at new retail location.

New menu to include:

Cinnamon rolls
Aunt Miriam’s sticky buns
Seasonally inspired sweet buns
Daily selection of cookies
Seasonally inspired loaf cakes
Seasonally inspired muffins
Sweet & savory tarts
Seasonal fruit pies
Changing selection of cakes & cupcakes
Artisan breads
Housemade coconut yogurt w/ Dovetail Bakery granola & fruit
Daily soup (featuring farm direct produce)
French press Courier Coffee
Magic Kombucha
Special orders are always welcome!

*Everything baked fresh on site.
*Loads of local ingredients.
*New CSA/CSB program. Dovetail has partnered with local farm Wealth Underground Farm that will provide the CSA portion (veggies, fruits, beans, etc.) while Dovetail will provide the bread and pastries CBA portion. Contact Dovetail for more information.

The fabulous Dovetail Bakery ladies move shop to Northeast Alberta.

The fabulous Dovetail Bakery ladies move shop to Northeast Alberta.

Dovetail Bakery
3039 NE Alberta St.
Portland, Oregon
Hours: Tue.-Sun. 8am-8pm

Saturday, November 21, 2009

it's not too late for holidaying

you can try to resist...

so the end of the year holidays are beginning and although they are food for much much thought and reflection they are also a time of many delicious meals and family and friend time. soooooo i want to tell you about dovetail bakery's end of the year holiday offerings.
dazzle your friends and loved ones with one OR ALL of the following choices...

rich chocolate tart with salted candied pistachios: our own salted candied pistachios covered in rich dark chocolate. another perfect salty sweet soft crunchy combination!

roasted pear & cranberry pie: handmade from scratch, flaky double crust pie with oven roasted locally grown pears & fresh tart cranberries. soft, sweet & tart!

pumpkin pie: handmade flaky crust with spiced pumpkin custard inside. perfect for the traditionalist.

rich gluten-free chocolate pink peppercorn cake: indulgent dark chocolate with a hint of fragrant pink peppercorns throughout. 


pricing & serving information:
each dessert serves approximately 12 people
*pumpkin pie $20/each
*pear & cranberry pie $25/each
*chocolate pistachio tart $25/each
*gf chocolate pink peppercorn cake $25/each

pick up on wednesday 11.25.09 or call about delivery options


-morgan & the dovetail bakery brigade

Saturday, November 7, 2009


today at people's coop. we will be there from about noon to about three with free samples! some new friends and some old favorites! we can tell you all about the new shop!!! see you there!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


our new home!!!

so... the search has finally ended! after months and months and even more months of looking for the perfect spot, i am so happy to announce that DOVETAIL BAKERY HAS FOUND ITS NEW HOME!!! it is so cute conveniently located right at the corner of 31st & ne alberta st. (two doors down from the vita cafe!!!) and directly next door to held vegan belts! we have lots of work to do, but we will keep you updated about the happenings!

part of the reason that this project is so exciting is that we will finally have a retail storefront! yes, at last you will be able to swing by the bakery to pick up a freshly baked sticky bun and a cup of amazing courier coffee, or a special order birthday cake for your friend, or a moist wheat-free banana fig muffin still warm from the oven! we are all so excited about getting to spend time with all of you who eat what we bake!  

speaking of incredible and loyal customers... 

while the dovetail staff were all celebrating our official new home...


literally to our total surprise, kathy & jesi (our most dedicated & loyal customers) happened to be walking by & joined in on the excitement! 


a dovetail bakery event just isn't complete without them! thanks guys! 

as we begin the process of building out the kitchen & storefront i have had a few (only a few) quiet moments in our new home. here are a few lovely up close & personal glimpses of 3039 ne alberta st. in transition.

hidden worlds

goodbye old floor


so before our new ne alberta st. home can do this...

we have to get...

Friday, October 9, 2009

autumn tastes delicious

autumn is upon us!!! this is my absolute favorite time of year. there are so many sweet winter squashes to be eaten, so many batches of soup in the works, canning, picking, pressing, and long shadows that remind me that the sun is retreating. renewal! 

with the changing of the seasons we have changed around how our menu will work from now on. we will always offer year-round favorites like chocolate chip cookies, sticky buns, wheat-free banana chocolate marble loaf cake, and lots more, but we will also have a seasonally inspired menu from now on that will change every three months (with the seasons!). we are committed to using local & sustainably grown ingredients as often as possible and this new seasonally inspired menu allows us to focus on that commitment by partnering up with small local farmers. 

here is the list of seasonal offerings for autumn 2009:
apple cider buns: slices of locally grown, farm direct apples wrapped in our soft sweet roll dough with aromatic spices & a hint of orange zest topped with a light sprinkle of sugar
pumpkin muffins: moist & tender, sweet & spicy pumpkin muffins made with locally grown certified sustainable pumpkin & topped with gingered pepitas
sage & onion corn muffin: savory & warm made with organic locally milled cornmeal, sage & caramelized onions. just like cornbread stuffing! 
cranberry scones: simple & balanced. tart cranberries inside of a rich flaky scone, topped with a light dusting of sugar.
wheat-free fig & onion cornmeal scone: organic locally milled cornmeal, caramelized onions & locally grown organic figs. sweet & savory.
gingerbread loaf: full of dark molasses & lots of ginger, topped with a ginger glaze. 

we also have a few new year-round favorites to introduce to you:

cinnamon buns (finally!): our soft sweet roll dough full of lots of cinnamon & brown sugar topped with a light vanilla glaze
salty sweet trail mix cookies (lauren lamotte's world famous): oats, dried cranberries, dried apples, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & almonds all in one brown sugar cookie, topped with a few fleur de sel crystals. the perfect salty sweet balance.
wheat-free banana fig muffins: moist wheat-free banana muffin with chunks of local, organically grown figs. so delicious together!

we would also like to welcome whole foods market laurelhurst to the list of vendors who carry our products. look for apple cider buns, cranberry scones & cinnamon buns in their pastry case! 

so please enjoy the seasonally inspired autumn menu while you can because it will only be around for a few months! and as the sun retreats even further we will keep you updated about what to look forward to on our winter menu!!!

take good care & enjoy!!!

  morgan & all of us at dovetail bakery

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

beautiful new business cards!

this image, taken from fortress letterpress' flikr page is of our beautiful new letterpressed business cards! i feel very in love with these cards. bruce paulson, owner/printer/mastermind of fortress letterpress, was so helpful with working out the design and was so patient and great to work with! he even came over to my house with color samples so we could compare them next to the flowers growing in our yard! thanks bruce! we all love the cards! 

Friday, September 4, 2009

and also

one last thing i have been meaning to share with you for some time now...

the following is an excerpt from a blog called goodstuffnw and it is all about lovely foods and lovely food related stuff happening in the beautiful part of the world that we call home! this photo is from day one of the st. johns farmers market and we were all overwhelmed with the outpouring of neighborhood support. 

check out for beautiful photos, farmers market updates, reviews and some pretty cute dog photos! thanks so much for including us in your blog!!!

see you at the market!


St. Johns Farmers' Market:Last weekend saw the kind of terrific neighborhood support that a well-organized farmers' market can summon with the opening of the St. Johns Farmers' Market. Located within spitting distance of the St. Johns Bridge and gorgeous Cathedral Park, it was mobbed by happy shoppers who not only came to buy but to visit with their neighbors and enjoy the multitude of offerings from local food and beverage vendors. A few of the larger farms were represented, including Sweet Leaf Organics and DeMartini Family Farms, but included a couple of smaller farms from Sauvie Island, as well as other vendors like St. Johns Coffee Roasters and Dovetail Bakery. Dovetail owner Morgan Grundstein-Helvey's (above left) wares were so popular she had to send someone back to the bakery to make more muffins. Luckily it was just a block away!

shopping list

photos will be following, but i wanted to make sure that you knew what we will be bringing to market this week!

summer peach cake (yes, it's still summer!)

nectarine vanilla bean muffins (featuring baird family orchards nectarines)

raspberry muffins with a lemon zest glaze

peach blackberry buns (if you love our sticky buns you'll LOVE these little beauties!)

almond poppyseed loaf cake (kathy & jesi!)

aunt miriam's sticky buns 

blueberry muffins

some other delectables that are yet to be decided! come by an enjoy it while it lasts! there is officially only one more month of the st. johns farmers left to enjoy! see you very soon! 



Friday, August 28, 2009

mail order. a little goes a long way!

recently people have been asking me if we can ship our baked goods. yes we can and we do! i would like to present you with a very small photographic essay all about it. 

this is robert. he is our VERY FIRST, farthest, and most loyal mail orderer! although he lives at the other end of the country he can still enjoy dovetail bakery sticky buns any and all the time! we also love shipping cookies and we even sent a pie once! if you have a friend or loved one who might need a chewy ginger molasses cookie or two, or even a wheat-free banana chocolate marble loaf cake sent their way, just call me at 503.288.8839 or send me an email at i'll help you out!

they have arrived!

safe! just like the stork itself had delivered them.

getting ready to get down to business...

nothing makes a person smile like a mountain of dovetail bakery cookies & sticky buns!

thanks robert! glad to be long distance best friends! we'll keep sending the treats as long as you keep smiling! ps your order is being prepared as we speak!

have a supremely excellent day everybody!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

fermentation festival tonight! dreams really do come true.


Portland Fermentation Festival @ Ecotrust THURSDAY, AUGUST 27th 6-8PM
A free and open-to-the-public celebration of fermented food and drink. Bring kraut, try kraut. Bring miso, try miso. Come for fermented food and drink skill sharing, recipe sharing, tasting and more.

Portland Fermentation Festival
Thursday, August 27th 6-8pm
Ecotrust’s Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center
721 NW 9th Ave. Portland, OR
All ages, open to the public




Sunday, July 12, 2009

st. johns farmers market. what a blast!

per usual i feel like i have so much to tell you! it has been a blue ribbon weekend for ye olden dovetail bakery! yesterday was the first first FIRST ST. JOHN'S FARMERS MARKET!!!! it was absolutely too much fun! there were so many smiling faces, painfully cute dogs, old friends, new friends, incredible produce, and handsome baked goods!

smiling faces! (and a painfully cute dog!)

old friends!

new friends!

incredible produce!

and handsome baked goods.  (going, going...)

i think everybody was overjoyed to see the amazing turn out. we were in good company when we started selling out of everything just a couple of hours into the market. in fact marly (what a gem!) ran back to the kitchen (one block away from the market site) and baked more blueberry muffins on the spot! she packed the just baked muffins into a tub, grabbed the rolling cart and rolled them back to the market just in time to refill the display with still warm muffins. does it get any better than that?

in addition to sticky buns, rhubarb & blueberry buns, cookies & loaf cakes, lauren made a few loaves of cinnamon swirl bread and a couple of batards, but both were completely gone within minutes of the opening bell! we are pleased to let you know that there will be more bread next time! but you might want to get there early if you want to be sure to get some! thanks for a great first market everybody!!! come by and see us next saturday july 18 from 9am-1pm in the heart of downtown st. johns!

we are also proud to share with you our mention on PORTLANDPICKS.COM!!! check out the "chick picks" section for july 10th. here's a little teaser...

"Brace yourself. The creamiest, most buttery and delicious cupcakes we’ve ever eaten are… vegan. Completely nonsensical, but utterly true—Dovetail Bakery’s locally-made concoctions are to die for, even though they’re 100% cruelty-free." july 10, 2009

thanks so much for the sweet words!!! we are so happy to keep supplying your sugar fix!!! 

this guy knows what you're talking about

well those are major highlights to report. looking forward to seeing you next weekend. 


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

summertime fun!

wellllllllllllll helloooooooooooooo! so much to report! we have been busy, busy and busier! there are so many things to tell you about. so here goes!

i have been meaning for a long time to introduce you to our intern! awesome hardworking thea! 

so many sticky buns! just because she 'cause she can. 

as you can see she loves making sticky buns and coconut squares and is at least several times more fashionable than i (read silver fanny pack, t&c surf shirt, etc.). i always laugh a lot when thea is working. thanks for being awesome thea!!!

i also wanted to tell you about how much fun we had recently at the sunday parkways event in north portland! if you want to see some photos of getting ready check out tricia martin's blog she has a pretty amazing food sense and takes beautiful photos. she and lauren worked together to bake a FIVE FOOT LOAF OF BREAD!!! check out the big bread & the bread friend map. and also pietopia! what kind of pie would your life be? not to be missed! thanks again for all you help & support tricia!!!

and last but not least...

st. johns is the best

we are so excited to be a vendor at our neighborhood market! please some by and say hello! it is going to be so fun! the local high school jazz band will be performing and i heard that the first one hundred people at the market get some kind of free gelato or a coupon. either way, not bad. aaaannnnnnndddd DOGS ARE WELCOME!!! not so at many other portland markets. ps we love dogs!! and lauren will be baking special dovetail bakery dog treats!!! july 11th-september 27th from 9am-1pm. saturdays rule. can't wait to see you there!!!

much more to tell you but it will have to wait until next time. or until we see you at the market on july 11th! lots of love. enjoy the best summer around... portland summer!!! XO!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

sunday parkways!!!!!!!!


i am so so so so excited about sunday parkways this year!!! we will be one of the food vendors at kenton park and it's going to be a blast and a half!!! maybe "sunday parkways" doesn't sound familiar to you. don't worry. sunday parkways is when the city closes off a section of the streets to car traffic!!! yes NO CARS! it's true. come flood the streets with your car-free vibes! the route includes peninsula park, arbor lodge park, and KENTON PARK where you can find us!!!! there are super cute neighborhood event at each stop, and your favorite vegan pastries at one park in particular (KENTON PARK)!!! 

come say hello to us and grab a few of your favorite cookies, muffins, and scones for the ride. AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD we will have some brand new items to snack on including... 
this will be their first day out in the world so come introduce yourselves!

can't wait to see you there. enjoy the ride!!!!!!!

lots of love,
  morgan, lauren, marly, katherine & jesse

ps if you still want some more infos here is a link to the portland department of transportation website with all the details. XO!

Monday, June 15, 2009

new moooooooooooooooooooooooooooon massage

i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo melty from the AMAZING massage i just got!!! i feel like a million bucks or cookies or scones. or cupcakes. whatever the best thing you can imagine is... that's how i feel. 
new moon massage

i recommend. to the max! jen is awesome and so nice and vegan and makes her own oils, lotions, and scrubs. this is a link to her information. find her. i'm serious. you won't be sorry. at all. 

thank you jen!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


friends, there is so much to say about this. and for those of you who have spent more than a few moments with me, you've probably heard me get all riled up about the horrible body image messages that are rained down on all of us all the time. they are poison. but for the sake of brevity i will just tell you all that this is something that is very important to me. i hope it is important to you as well. so get ready to get fancy...

with that said, i would like to introduce you to fat fancy! check out their ridiculously fun monthly sales. you just might find a dovetail treat waiting there for you! they were recently featured in the oregonian. show them some love and support as they work toward opening up a full time storefront! thanks to everybody who already loves fat fancy and thanks to fat fancy for all the fashions!!!


Monday, May 18, 2009

lauren & nichole

red is a power color

how much do i love our sample crew??? too too much. no, actually more than that. so i'm sure you all know lauren by now, ruler of all things dovetail, but maybe you haven't met nicole georges yet. chances are that if you live in portland you've already met her. but you might not know that she was one of my first delivery drivers. she always offered to wear an awesome outfit, which she always did, and might i add that she drives around in one handsome car. whole foods on northeast 15th & fremont will be hosting regular sampling events every 1st sunday i believe. look for us! we'll be looking for you! thank you lauren (ALWAYS) and thank you NICOLE GEORGES!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

summer sunshine

hey everybody i'm in l.a. my suntan is so awesome and i love my family!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

liz crain brings spring to dovetail bakery

 welcome to spring!

i was taking a walk the other day and look who came out to greet me! like clockwork the crocus and daffodils bloom this time every year, and i am so thankful because this is the time of year when i wake up everyday hoping that it will be sunny and springy outside, but we all know that most days... it's not. thankfully there have been other exciting things to look forward to, like meeting liz crain! she writes a blog that i love called food lovers guide to portland  and is working on a book by the same name. her photos are beautiful and her i love her writing. it is honest & focused & funny.

this is a photo she took of blueberry muffins on their way in the oven. you can see the rest of the post on her blog. we talked about the bakery, she met lauren and marly, and then i couldn't resist asking her about a food hero we have in common, sandor katz author of wild fermentation and the revolution will not be microwaved. if you haven't already read his books, you really should. wild fermentation is an old favorite of mine and it can often be found on my bedside table. what could be more relaxing than falling asleep thinking about sauerkraut, honey wine, and sourdough bread? i asked her about interviewing him at his home at tennessee & told her of my long term scheme/plan/dream to have sandor come to portland and teach a fermenting workshop. all around i had a great time meeting liz and i hope you all get a chance to enjoy her writing. thanks liz!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

sweetheart of the rodeo


i know there have been a lot of introductions, but there is someone else who i promised to introduce and i'm sure you'll love her as much as we do. marly, sweetheart of the rodeo, queen of scones, lover of dogs, my musical kindred spirit, and soon-to-be birthday lady (it's tomorrow!). i feel so lucky that our little staff is made up of some of the best people a person could possibly hope to work with! marly was introduced to us by evan & ali of the little red bike where you can see her artwork in regular rotation on the specials chalkboard, and hanging on the walls (so beautiful!). what a gem! thanks for all your hard work marly! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

we all think you are great!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i'd like you to meet...

our beautiful home

a small (SMALL) business we are in such a lovely position of getting to be in personal contact with our clients (who we love), our distributors, and ingredients providers. i recently noticed that i haven't written much about the products we use so i felt like it was high time to make a few introductions... i would like you to meet our flour producers, shepherd's grain. they are an alliance of family farms based in the northwest who grow food alliance certified sustainable wheat. besides making a lovely flour, i appreciate their focus on long term sustainability. this flour comes to us by way of glorybee foods in eugene, oregon who are distributors of so many excellent baking supplies. you might already be familiar with their in house brand "aunt patty's" which makes delicious dark blackstrap molasses and packages their own extensive selection of herbs, spices, dried fruits & trail mixes. we are also in such a lucky location because we are right around the corner (relatively speaking) from bob's red mill and their whole grain store! maybe you'd like to buy some coconut flour, a few handfuls of green flageolet beans, some teff, and some green pea flour, you could. i love their bulk section so much. they have so many grains, flours, beans, and nuts to choose from, ALL IN BULK! and all of their mixes too. you can also see and touch some old stone burrs used for grinding grains into flour, and buy your own home grain mill, eat at the bakery cafeteria, buy their fresh bread for something like $1.99/loaf and you might even see bob! i did. and his wife charlie. bob looks just like he does on the labels. handsome. but i digress. i would take the opportunity to announce that we will be switching our berry supplier to stahlbush island farms who are also food alliance certified. if you would like to know more about organic vs. food alliance certification check out this page on their website. in a nutshell the chart at the bottom of the page sums up the overarching differences & similarities between the two. these berries and a few other stahlbush island farms vegetables will be arriving via earthly gourmet, the nicest (and most patient) vegan distributor in the northwest! and last but not least for today's information extravaganza, ota tofu makes simple & delicious soy nectar that we will be using in our scones, sticky buns, cakes, and wheat-free loaves. sigh. life is delicious. if you ever thought you couldn't stand 9 months of gray weather a year, just think for a moment how lucky we are that so many delicious foods are made right in our backyards. literally. thank you to everybody who helps to make this happen. 


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

grapefruit fever

delicious citrus is freaking me out. i just truly realized how amazing grapefruits are! in fact i might be addicted. as soon as i finish one i am already thinking about when i will get to eat the next one. to celebrate what i've been told is "a great year for citrus" we are making our own homemade grapefruit marmalade! we use pink grapefruit marmalade in some of our wheat-free cornmeal scones. sweet cornmeal and sweetbittertart grapefruit are a match dreamed up right in the mind of the heavens. try it. you will not feel sad that you did. so enjoy wheat-free cornmeal scones with homemade grapefruit marmalade!!!

on it's way...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


 while i'm at it, lauren took some lovely photos of what we do. have a little looksee...

iced lemon scones with dried blueberries

cinnamon sugar scones

living the flaky dream. 

come git it!

this thursday 2.26.09 at blend coffee lounge in north portland. come enjoy the art...

how much do i love kathie hadd??? SO MUCH!!! stay for the coffee!!! sample local roasters including:
courier coffee roasters
st. johns coffee roasters
cellar door coffee roasters
see you there!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


coffee fiends and fanatics...
TAMP YOUR FACE OFF II! come enjoy the acrobatics of some of portland's finest baristas at BLEND COFFEE LOUNGE (2710 n. killingsworth @ greeley) thursday february 26, 2009 from 7pm-11pm!
highlights include amazing coffee, foxy latte art, awesome art on the walls by KATHIE HADD!!!, chuckles with friends, some fine thursday evening entertainment to help ease the winter chills. c'mon do it!!!

hope to see you there!


ps if you want to see some photographic highlights from the first tamp our face off go to

Saturday, February 14, 2009

find us at...

there are two new awesome locations where you can find dovetail bakery treats...




go get some pizza a go go (they have vegan & gluten-free pizza!!!) and treat yourself & your date to a romantic cupcake nightcap! and say hey to the awesome staff.

and grab a cookie to snack on while you shop at whole foods in northeast. i know you go there for the free samples on the weekends. thanks everyone!

happy valentines day. we love you. XOXO.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

last minute romance! happy V day!

i blame my questionable photographic skills for the extreme delay. finally here are a few glimpses of what this valentines day has to offer!

apple & almond heart tart

good time valentines day cookies
we will write ANYTHING you want as long as it will fit on a cookie!

and some special heart shaped cakes. check back tomorrow. hopefully i will have a photographic offering.

2 GIANT cookies with personalized text (top line: 8 characters, bottom line: 7 characters) $7
apple & almond heart tart $10
fancy cake for two $12

call to order. you can pay by paypal now. easy. XOXO!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

mail order just in time for valentines day!!!

so i'm sure you know that valentines day is coming up. it is and we are officially offering mail order!!! before i go any further there are two things i want to say about the matter...
1. valentines day is so much better when it is shared with friends, family and loved ones. toss out the super weird pressures of partner performance pressure. your friends and neighbors and library workers and radio hosts and family want to know that you care about them. share the love. it makes it so much more fun.
2. if you want to share the love with these folks we will be offering some super special valentines day treats just for the holiday! more to come about this in the coming days.
but back to the mail order. this pie travelled all the way to norfolk virginia! thanks robert! it was accompanied by an assortment of cookies and even some apple cider sweet rolls! miriam ordered scones and sticky buns! happy to do it! margaret has ordered a wheat-free banana chocolate marble loaf cake, scones and sticky buns! done, done, and done! if you want us to ship some of our lovingly prepared vegan baked goods just contact me at or call at 503.288.8839! i would be so happy to help you pick out just the right treats! thanks and i look forward to hearing from you. XOXO!


pears on their way into the oven to roast...

oven roasted pear & cranberry pie!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hard at work

have you met lauren?

you should probably be introduced. she does a lot of baking for you. and maybe you don't know that because our radio reception is limited she listens to unhealthy amounts of opb. seriously. ask her anything. get to know your baker! thanks lauren for all the hard work!!!


ps next time...marly!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a photo tour from 2008

so friends, i thought i would keep you updated with some photos...

remember the days when jesse's sister joann visited from the faraway land of edmonton canada and we took a walk in forest park...

and then arctic blast 2008 hit...
dang, remember that?
our trusty delivery truck slid around so bad we had to cancel the whole entire weeks deliveries...
a few tears were shed and then we moved on the business at hand, enjoying some major snow days!!!

so we grilled..

and crafted...

and then invited family over because we needed some outside human contact. baby wren can make even sauteeing onions into the best time ever! i think it's all that cheek on her face, or maybe the wooden spoon that was in her mouth for what seemed like a lifetime in baby years.

still chewing, now with mom...

and still more, now with grandma...
baby years might even be longer than dog years. it's possible...

and now we are back to good old regular portland winter! i hope you all had amazing holidays of all types and are gearing up to enjoy 2009 BEST YEAR EVER!!! we certainly are!
HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us, and thanks for all your support, we send you awesome vibes of gratitude every single day!!!
morgan & all of dovetail bakery