Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i'd like you to meet...

our beautiful home

a small (SMALL) business we are in such a lovely position of getting to be in personal contact with our clients (who we love), our distributors, and ingredients providers. i recently noticed that i haven't written much about the products we use so i felt like it was high time to make a few introductions... i would like you to meet our flour producers, shepherd's grain. they are an alliance of family farms based in the northwest who grow food alliance certified sustainable wheat. besides making a lovely flour, i appreciate their focus on long term sustainability. this flour comes to us by way of glorybee foods in eugene, oregon who are distributors of so many excellent baking supplies. you might already be familiar with their in house brand "aunt patty's" which makes delicious dark blackstrap molasses and packages their own extensive selection of herbs, spices, dried fruits & trail mixes. we are also in such a lucky location because we are right around the corner (relatively speaking) from bob's red mill and their whole grain store! maybe you'd like to buy some coconut flour, a few handfuls of green flageolet beans, some teff, and some green pea flour, you could. i love their bulk section so much. they have so many grains, flours, beans, and nuts to choose from, ALL IN BULK! and all of their mixes too. you can also see and touch some old stone burrs used for grinding grains into flour, and buy your own home grain mill, eat at the bakery cafeteria, buy their fresh bread for something like $1.99/loaf and you might even see bob! i did. and his wife charlie. bob looks just like he does on the labels. handsome. but i digress. i would take the opportunity to announce that we will be switching our berry supplier to stahlbush island farms who are also food alliance certified. if you would like to know more about organic vs. food alliance certification check out this page on their website. in a nutshell the chart at the bottom of the page sums up the overarching differences & similarities between the two. these berries and a few other stahlbush island farms vegetables will be arriving via earthly gourmet, the nicest (and most patient) vegan distributor in the northwest! and last but not least for today's information extravaganza, ota tofu makes simple & delicious soy nectar that we will be using in our scones, sticky buns, cakes, and wheat-free loaves. sigh. life is delicious. if you ever thought you couldn't stand 9 months of gray weather a year, just think for a moment how lucky we are that so many delicious foods are made right in our backyards. literally. thank you to everybody who helps to make this happen. 


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