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tricia martin, a friend of dovetail bakery, who writes has written a lovely blog entry with beautiful photos about the new dovetail bakery retail shop! with her photos, she has captured the cozy warmth that i feel everyday when i walk through the doors of the bakery. it really feels like home there. thanks so much tricia for the thoughtful words and beautiful photos!

from february 1, 2020

Dovetail Bakery finds a home

I am so happy to announce that my very talented friends over at Dovetail Bakery have finally found a storefront space + wonderful kitchen to call home! The owner, Morgan, started baking out of her house, and the business grew. She found the kitchen in St. Johns and baked there, doing each part of the business herself and grew. All the recipes (save for the trail mix cookies) are Morgan's own that she has developed from scratch. Eventually, she hired employees. "I love dovetail bakery," she says, "and i am so grateful to my family and loved ones who have helped me grow the business." Now, they have their baked goods in local Portland Whole Foods stores and their own shop right on Alberta Street--a wonderful arts district that has huge crowds drawn for First Thursday, where all the galleries and shops along the street open their doors and artists set up tables all along the street to sell their beautiful goods. What a fantastic addition to the street!

(guests enjoying the warm atmosphere)
I've written about Dovetail before--as Lauren, a baker at Dovetail, was the brains behind baking the big bread for my Bread Friend Map series. Dovetail specializes in vegan baked goods--no butter and no eggs in any of their goodies. I have a love/hate with vegan baked goods--I mean, butter and eggs are a HUGE part of baking! Right? Maybe?... Dovetail Bakery is the sole reason I embrace vegan baking as an honest-to-goodness ally in the world of baking. Somehow, these ladies have discovered the magic way around these "necessary" ingredients making their treats taste light, fluffy, crumbly, or however it should taste.

The true test? If you went in there and didn't know it was vegan, you'd walk out still not knowing it was vegan because their treats are truly incredible. They are well known for their famous sticky buns. But be sure to try the Pear-Cardamon Muffin or Lemon Blueberry (with real big fresh blueberries) scone (they both come in a hard tie for my favorites there)-- you may find yourself unable to stop sampling. If you do find yourself in this position don't worry. Just take a deep breath and ask to take the rest "to go." You won't be disappointed!

You can find Dovetail Bakery at:
3039 NE Alberta St., Portland OR 97211
(On the corner of 31st and Alberta)

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 8am-6pm

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