Thursday, November 18, 2010


    Long Shadows Mean Cozy Food

     So the days are shorter, cloudier, rainier, cozier, and we are finally ready to introduce our new Autumn/Winter 2010 Wholesale Offerings. Which means you can count on seeing a couple old favorites and some totally new (pretty stellar) vegan baked goods in your local markets & cafes in the next week or so! And if you know of a market, cafe or restaurant that you think should carry Dovetail Bakery goods, please let us know! We always appreciate suggestions & feedback!

     For these new items, as well as all everything we make, we select our ingredients carefully making sure to prioritize locally & sustainably grown sources as often as possible. We always use a light hand with our sweeteners so you can count on really tasting the ingredients! When you bake with amazing ingredients you don't need to cover it up with extra sugar. With that said, I'd like you to meet...
Chocolate Cherry Bun: Tender extra dark cocoa yeasted dough wrapped around semisweet chocolate and locally grown plump dried cherries, topped with a dark cocoa glaze. Totally amazing.
Lemon Poppyseed Muffin: Full of organic lemon zest and crunchy poppyseeds. A little taste of sunshine to brighten your winter mornings!
Pumpkin Muffin with Gingery Pepita Streusel: One of our most popular muffins is back and even better! Made with organic pumpkin and topped with crisp pumpkin seedy gingery streusel, a total winner!
Brown Sugar Hazelnut Scone: Our famous tender flaky scone, layered with organic cinnamon, homemade organic brown sugar (yes, we make our own brown sugar!), and toasted Albina City Hazelnuts.
Apple Rosemary Scone: Celebrity scone! One of my all time favorites scones, another Dovetail Bakery Original (featured as the inspiration for a recipe in Vegan Brunch by Isa Chandra Moskowitz), sweet chunks of locally grown organic apples and a hint of aromatic rosemary make for a uniquely delicious flavor combination!
Dark Chocolate Mocha Loaf Cake: Rich and bittersweet loaf cake full of extra dark cocoa & locally roasted Courier Coffee, topped with a dark chocolate glaze for an extra hint of rich chocolate sweetness.
Rosemary Garlic Corn Muffin: The corniest corn muffin. Crisp on the outside & moist on the inside, full of organic cornmeal, fresh rosemary & garlic. Perfect with a cup of soup or a salad, or on its own as an afternoon snack.

Come sample some of these upcoming pastries and 
Dovetail Bakery Holiday Pies at:
Whole Foods Hollywood this Saturday from 2pm-5pm
Whole Foods NE Fremont this Sunday from 3pm-6pm

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